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CoolAmulets Collection. Unique Magical Courage Howling Wolf Crystal Point Amulets and comes in Gift Style Pouch and Information Card. Share One with your Love Couple or Best Friend as Yin Yang Good Luck Charm. Each Holds Howling Brave Wolf Charm made from Base Metals and with Infinity Style Bail setting.Each Crystal Point Size: About 35 X 10mm (+/-), Approximately 1 ½ inches long. Each Ready to Wear. One Amulet comes with 22 Inch Necklace, and another Amulet comes with 18 Inch Necklace.Natural Gemstones are used and may or will have Natural Specks and Inclusions making your Amulet Unique and Special. Very Special and Cute Individual Courage Howling Wolf Magical Wand Crystal Point Amulets made from Sky Blue and Sweet Pink Simulated Cats Eye Crystals. Each Amulet holds Brave Howling Wolf charm and being attached through Infinity Style Bail Setting. Crystals holds Powers of Good Luck, Positive Energy and Evil Eye Protection. Each Amulet is Individually Made, Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind. Look Stunning and Unique with your Own Magic and Protection Howling Wolf Courage Amulets. Share one Amulet with some one you Love and Care about. This Set will be Perfect for Love Couples or Best Friends Sharing. Wolf Meaning: Wolf is Symbol of Protection, Courage, staying Wise and Strong in every situation. Having Unique Intuition and Survival ability makes Wolf to be one of the kind and transforms in to Magic Powers.