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de heetste Midsummer Night 1nb0QXxk

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BRDisc 1BR1: Overture Op.21 - Andre PrevinBR2: Scherzo (Entr'acte to Act II) - Andre PrevinBR3: Melodram: 'Over hill over dale' and March of the Elves (Act II)BR4: Song with chorus: 'You spotted snakes' (Act II)BR5: The Spells (Melodram: Act II)BR6: Entr'acte/Intermezzo (Hermia seeks Lysander; Entry of the Rustics: Act III)BR7: Melodram: 'What hempen homespuns' (Act III)BR8: Nocturne (Act III)BR9: Melodram: 'The Removal of the Spells' (Act IV)BR10: Wedding March (Entr'acte to Act V)BR11: Fanfare and Funeral March (Act V)BR12: Bergomask (Dance of the Rustics: Act V)BR13: Wedding March reprise (Act V)BR14: Finale: 'Through the house' (Act V)